Pnuma Camo Review: Technical Hunting Clothing Tried & Tested

hunter wearing Pnuma Camo during snow

Spring turkey season is just the inverse of deer season when it comes to weather conditions, at least out West.

This year we started with snow and freezing temps, then moved on to rain and finished with warm and sunny bluebird days. It was the perfect time for me to test out and review some camo hunting clothing from Pnuma Outdoors.

Whatever camouflage clothing you wear when you’re out hunting needs to break up your pattern and keep you warm (or cool) and dry. In my experience, Pnuma gear does the trick.

Pnuma camo hunting apparel is made from high-quality technical fabrics built to repel water and keep hunters comfortable in the elements. While it comes at a higher price than some other camo brands, the build quality is as rugged as they come and they offer a lifetime guarantee.

Pnuma Outdoors
  • Caza Camo pattern is both effective at concealing your position and looks cool
  • High quality fabrics block wind, are extremely durable and are abrasion-resistant
  • Relaxed fit and tall sizes accommodate many different body shapes
  • Lifetime warranty covers more than just manufacturer defects
  • Waypoint series makes no noise when moving and very little when rubbing against trees and brush
  • Useful for multiple hunts, including deer, turkey, elk, bear, and more
  • Hard to find in stores, so it’s hard to try on before you buy
  • Water resistance is limited to light rain and snow on most products, not extended exposure to water
  • Jacket vent placement is easy to confuse with side pockets
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In the first half of this article, I will briefly overview each Pnuma item I have personally used. Then in the last half, I’ll analyze the different criteria I based my conclusions and explain my recommendations.

Hands-on Review of Pnuma Camouflage Hunting Apparel

Fortunately for me, I was able to get outside a lot this spring and chase turkeys around the mountains of Idaho. Unfortunately for me, as a turkey hunting newbie, I ended up empty-handed with an unfilled tag, but oh well! 

I was able to wear Pnuma camo clothing in the woods for at least six days of hunting in all kinds of weather, plus one day of pre-season scouting in the snow. Having hiked, ebiked, driven, slept, and sat in this gear for countless hours and miles, I’ve got a pretty good idea of how good the gear is now.

Pnuma offers multiple product lines for different conditions and pursuits, and I spent a fair amount of time himming and hawing over which setup to get. The items below are what I’m hunting with now and they make an excellent kit for most conditions, except for really warm weather.

Pnuma Waypoint Jacket Review

Hunter wearing pnuma waypoint jacket
The Waypoint jacket is awesome in most weather conditions.

If I could only get one item on this list of Pnuma camo gear, it would be this jacket! 

The Pnuma Waypoint Jacket is a rugged, midweight, softshell hunting jacket. It is comfortable (and dry) in snow, rain, cold, and mild spring temperatures.

With tall sizing available, the fit is ideal. With plenty of well thought out vents and pockets, it’s a versatile hunting jacket you can use while chasing any game, and I’ll be taking it with me on every trip from now on.

It’s not fully waterproof, so if you’re going to Alaska or someplace really wet, you’ll probably want to add some real rain gear to your kit.

Pnuma Waypoint Pant Review

Pnuma waypoint pant removable knee pads
Removable knee pads in the Waypoint pants are nice when you’re creeping up on a deer all quiet like.

The Pnuma Waypoint pants are versatile, comfortable, and weather-resistant like its accompanying jacket. I found them comfortable in both below freezing temperatures and well into the 70s. The relaxed fit allows easy layering and the numbers of sizes accommodate a wide range of waists and inseams.

At first, I found the zipper vent locations to be curious, right in the upper “V” of the crotch. But when I got warm and opened them up, wow! I get it. Let the breeze in right where it counts.

The removable knee pads are clever, and the abrasion-resistant beehive overlays on the knees and inner ankles look cool and are indeed functional. I also like the angled pockets because it keeps your keys from jingling.

Pnuma Merino Wool Base Layer Pullover Review

Hunter wearing pnuma merino wool base layer pullover
Had to suck it in for this! The merino base layer feels amazing and never got smelly even after hunting in it for four days straight.

Perhaps I was just desensitized, but I swear the Pnuma Merino Wool Base Layer Pullover still didn’t stink even after four days in the field. In fact, I only washed it once at the end of the spring turkey season. 

It wicks moisture super well so that even after hiking uphill and working up a sweat with my jacket on, once I took my jacket off, I dried out and cooled off lickity split.

The quarter zipper allowed for added ventilation when I was hot and sealed off the drafts when it was cold. And it didn’t even pull on my beard hairs. The generous sleeve length and thumb holes made it nice and comfortable too.

The only thing I wish was different on it is the length. I got a size large because I wanted it to fit snug on me as a base layer, which it does. However, it was short enough that it didn’t always stay tucked into my pants when I sat and stood back up or hiked around. Not a dealbreaker, though. An XL probably would have been fine.

Pnuma Caza Camo Trucker Cap Review

Hunter with pnuma caza camo trucker cap
This is the most comfortable ball cap I own right now.

Over the years, I have become pickier about the ball caps I wear. It’s got to fit and feel perfect when I put it on my head the first time, or I’ll never wear it again. The Pnuma Caza Camo Trucker Cap is one of only three in my current rack of about 20 hats that passes the test. It just feels good on the head!

I attribute this mainly to the fact that it is a low-profile hat with both the adjustable trucker snapback and an elastic band for a flexible fit. It’s a truly comfy hybrid hat.

Another thing I found unique about it is that it doesn’t have a button on top where the panels all come together. Good riddance to profanity-inducing head bonk bullseyes on low tree limbs and truck roofs!

Pnuma Recon Balaclava Review

Hunter with pnuma recon balaclava
The perforated holes made a warm day of spring turkey more bearable with my face covered.

Since I was turkey hunting and I hate face paint, I wanted a camouflage face covering. The Pnuma Recon Balaclava was perfect when it was cold or cool outside. But it was a bit overkill and hot when the weather warmed up later in the season.

I liked how the stocking cap part was attached to the neck gator. It helped keep your neck warm and the gator in place. I also liked the breathing holes, which helped reduce breath recoil. Its weight was great for cool and cold weather, though you’d probably want to add a heavier beanie in extremely cold temps.

I didn’t love that the inside of the fabric was white because when I was only wearing the neck gator part, there was often a big piece of white fabric exposed that may not look exactly natural to a wild turkey.

The beanie part also tended to bunch up and work its way to just under my chin when I wasn’t wearing it. But overall, it’s a great bit of gear.

Pnuma Recon Element Proof Glove Review

Pnuma recon element proof glove
The golves fit nice and snug, but my hands got sweaty pretty quick if it wasn’t cold out.

The Pnuma Recon Element Proof Gloves were different than I anticipated. They feel almost like silicone material with limited stretch. Not very thick, but just warm enough for spring and most fall outings, though I wouldn’t count on them in freezing temps.

The fit was excellent like they were molded to my hands. Just make sure you get the right size (and maybe a size up) because they can be hard to pull on and off, especially with any moisture inside.

Pnuma recon element proof glove palm side
Nice grip on the gloves, screen-compatible fingertips, easy to shoot with.

That is my one complaint about them, that they don’t breathe at all. So when your hands get hot, sweat builds up inside, and then they’re hard to pull off. On the flip side, they are waterproof, keeping the elements out.

You might want a pair of warm weather gloves and another pair of really cold weather gloves, but the Recon is awesome for everything in between. They’re super grippy and not bulky at all, which makes them great for carrying, aiming, and firing a gun. And the cuffs easily slip under your jacket sleeves for a rainproof seal.

The Pnuma Waypoint Gloves look like a nice midweight alternative that might breathe a bit better. Though I imagine that comes with less water resistance.

Pnuma Chisos Backpack

Pnuma chisos backpack on the ground
My waypoint jacket strapped to the Chisos pack on a warm day.

Pnuma Chisos backpack review here.

Pnuma Gear Review Analysis

Below are the criteria that really matter to me when evaluating hunting apparel, along with a summary of how I think the Pnuma gear performed in each category.


Regarding function, high-end and more expensive technical camo apparel needs to do an excellent job at concealing you from being spotted by game animals. It also needs to keep the elements at bay. And since you’re often paying a premium, it’s reasonable to expect a few bell and whistle features.

Pnuma Caza Camo Pattern

Pattern by veil camo
The Caza pattern was designed by Veil Camo.

The Pnuma gear I have uses a proprietary camo pattern called Caza. The pattern itself was developed by Veil Camo, a respectable camouflage pattern developer out of Wichita, Kansas. They claim to use mathematical theories and science to create patterns that blend in with the natural world.

While I can’t authoritatively claim that this pattern is highly-effective on animals with any kind of scientific evidence, I can say that I had multiple encounters with whitetails where I was able to remain undetected.

Even when I found myself freezing in place in plain view of deer, after raising their heads and looking around, they went back to browsing and minding their own business. 

At one point, I was sitting posted up against a tree in the shade at a pinch point when three elk came strolling by. The cow and her two yearlings walked from a beam to my right, passing straight in front of me, then around and beyond a beam to my left. Then they turned around and reversed out of there.

While I think they finally winded me, they never saw me and never ran. They were within 25 yards of me the whole time!

With a nice mix of colors from greens, to browns, to grays, I think the Caza Camo does the job in nearly any environment, and it looks pretty cool too.


As far as the noise Pnuma camo makes when you’re trapsing through the woods, I’d give it 4 out of 5 points.

I’ve used other cheap camo that is super noisy when walking through the woods or even moving an arm. I also have a Cabela’s Wooltimate hoodie that I absolutely love and is dead quiet but can catch on stuff.

Pnuma camo is not as quiet as the soft fabric of the Wooltimate, but it is much better than your average polyester-based camo clothing when it comes to noise reduction.

The weave of Pnuma gear is very tight, so it doesn’t catch on branches, twigs, or even thorns. This keeps it from whiplashing or simply scratching branches against your gear and making a racket. When I was in really thick new growth or brush in the understory, it definitely wasn’t silent.

Although, it is silent when you are just moving your body, drawing your weapon, or walking. It is far quieter than most outdoor apparel I’ve used.

Weather Resistance

Hunter with camo jacket and hood on in rain
In light to moderate rain, water just beaded up and rolled off. Never got through the jacket on me.

Pnuma has a few different apparel lines, from lightweight early season gear to late season insulated waterproof gear. I have the midweight Waypoint series pants and jacket, which are considered all-season hunting clothing.

When I was out in heavy wet snow, I stayed dry. Sitting in the rain, I stayed dry. When I walked through long grass wet with early morning dew, my legs stayed dry from my pants, even though my not-so-waterproof boots left my socks sopping wet.

I do think this midweight option would be insufficient in torrential downpours or persistent rainstorms, but for typical spring and fall conditions in the West, when you can experience three seasons in one day, it’s ideal.

I had the Pnuma Merino Wool Base Layer Pullover on under the Waypoint jacket, and it was just right on days when I was starting right around freezing temperatures. On a couple of freezing mornings, I added a puffy vest under the jacket which worked great.

There is plenty of room for layers with the way Pnuma camo fits, so cold weather is not a big issue.

Slightly more challenging was the warm days. Once the outside temperature rose to the 60s I was a bit warm in the same setup. The jacket has nice vents, but I wanted to take it off quickly. So having a camo base or mid layer is key.

Lastly, the gear held up well in the wind. While I haven’t yet worn it in harsh winter winds, the regular gusts of early spring did not penetrate the clothing in a way that made me cold at all.

Thoughtfully Designed Features

Perhaps I like the Pnuma camo the most because of the many thoughtful design elements. The integrated kneepads, for example, are fantastic for certain hunts, but I’m glad I could remove them most of the time.

The angles of the pant pockets are such that lose change, keys, or whatever slide down into a corner that doesn’t rub or restrict mobility and also doesn’t jungle around and make a bunch of noise. And there are plenty of well-placed pockets throughout.

Rubberized grip patches in the waistband and leg openings along with extra belt loops help the pants stay where you want them and despite there being a hood on the jacket, there is still a soft, windbreaking collar even when the hood is off. This lets you listen to game without sending a chill down your neck.

More thoughtful touches I like on my Pnuma camo include the following, just to name a few:

  • Thumbholes in merino base layer
  • Flexible and adjustable hybrid fit of a trucker cap
  • Touchscreen compatible gloves so I can still use OnX with gloves on
  • Air gap between back and frame of Chisos backpack for excellent ventilation


Durable armor on ankle of camo pants
The beehive armor should help slow wear and tear. Looks cool too.

Pnuma gear really shines when it comes to durability. I was hunting many clear cuts thick with new timber growth and brush. So there was a lot of scraping. I also spent plenty of time on the ground sitting or crawling and riding my QuietKat ebike through the mud.

I wore the pants day in and day out and the jacket 75% of the time. Now that the season is over and I ran the gear through the wash for the first time, you’d think it is brand new.

The fabric used on the gear is extremely tightly woven, seams are well sewn, and zippers are not the cheap breakable kind. There is a lot of rubbery reinforcement on high-impact areas like the shoulders (backpacks, gun slings) and knees (even has removable knee pads for comfort while stalking like a real predator).

None of that shows any sign of wear yet.

Awesome Lifetime Guarantee

Durability is one area I’m not worried about in the least in regards to Pnuma. Especially given they offer a lifetime warranty on all their apparel, even if something does wear out down the road, they’ll cover it.

This is pretty unheard of in the hunting clothing world. We see this kind of guarantee from some optics companies like Vortex or Maven, but not so much from apparel.


I don’t want to own 10 different sets of camo hunting clothes. So one of the main things I look for in camo is whether or not I can use the same gear for almost everything I do.

Given the Caza camo pattern is a breakup pattern and not mimicry-based, it is a great print for just about any big game hunting. I will continue to use it for turkey and deer. If I get into elk, bear, or even pronghorn antelope hunting down the road, I’ll likely use this same gear.

The only real limiting factor is the type of weather conditions your Pnuma camo is designed for. The Waypoint series I have is probably the most versatile since it is comfortable in most conditions. I think it is plenty rugged for a late fall or winter hunt in Idaho so long as I layer up.

However, I believe I will be getting another set of lightweight camo for warm weather hunts since the Waypoint series is too warm once you hit temperatures in the 70s or higher.


I’m at the point where I care very little about how “in style” an article of clothing is, but I care a lot about how it fits and feels when I’m wearing it. If a pair of pants or a shirt doesn’t feel good when I first try it on, I won’t keep it.

Since Pnuma is primarily direct to consumer brand, trying them on before buying them isn’t really an option. Despite not knowing exactly what to expect, I am pleased with the comfort of my gear.

The fabrics were all soft and high quality, especially the inner linings. The zippers didn’t catch on or pull my beard hairs, which as you may well know, can make you impulsively yell out a curse word that would be sure to scare off any nearby game.

Fit and Sizing

Hunter wearing pnuma camo and putting on a glove
I like the relaxed fit of Pnuma camo apparel. It’s comfortable even if you don’t have an athlete’s body.

Overall, Pnuma clothing runs true to size and has a relaxed fit. 

At 6’1” and about 220 pounds, I have a long torso but my shoulders are not broad. So I often find size L shirts and jackets to be shorter than I’d prefer while size XL is baggy around the chest. I was pleasantly surprised to find out Pnuma offers Tall sizes on most of their clothing. This is a rarity in performance hunting apparel. 

The Waypoint jacket I got is a size Large-Tall. It fits very nicely with plenty of room for layers. I wouldn’t call it a slim athletic fit, it’s more relaxed. But that is, at least in part, due to my body shape. I really liked the extra torso length of the tall-sized jacket, though the sleeves were a hair longer than I’d prefer.

Pant sizes are tricky for me since sometimes I am a 34 and sometimes a 36, depending on the brand. I got the Waypoint pants in 36W x 32L and they are a little loose around the waist but not too baggy. I probably could have gotten away with a 34×32. 

The Recon gloves fit really snug, so if you’re not confident in your glove size, maybe order a size up at least on that model.


When I was doing a lot of hiking uphill, the loose pants combined with how the backpack sat on my waist would make the pants ride down a bit and restrict the mobility of my legs to the point where it was annoying. I mostly resolved this by getting this awesome belt that I love because it holds tighter and better.

Besides that, I loved the relaxed fit of the pants and jacket. They were very comfortable hiking all day long or even sitting under a tree in wet grass while calling a gobbler. The pockets are strategically placed not to allow whatever is in them to be uncomfortable to carry.

What Sets Pnuma Apart

The build quality, materials, and design of Pnuma camo gear compete with the likes of Sitka, Kuiu, and First Lite. However, Pnuma doesn’t have the same brand awareness or retail availability as some leading camo brands.

So it can be a hassle to buy a bunch of Pnuma gear online just to try it on, then send back what you don’t want.

On the other hand, Pnuma has the most lenient warranty compared to these other brands. They will repair or replace your damaged gear for more than just manufacturer defects.

I’ve also observed that they tend to overbuild their gear compared to others. It is super robust.

The fit is also more relaxed than some other brands and it’s available in numbers and tall sizes. This makes it accommodate a wider range of body types and belly sizes. Not all of us are still 5’10” tall and weigh 160 pounds!

Is Pnuma Camo Right for You?

Pnuma pants and quietkat ebike
Who knew that my Pnuma camo would perfectly match my QuietKat Apex hunting eBike?!

There are many good options these days for technical hunting apparel, but Pnuma camo is near the top in terms of build quality, durability, versatility, and comfort.

People shopping for camo on a limited budget or who just need some simple lightweight hunting clothes for warmer weather that rarely dips below 50 degrees Fahrenheit probably won’t find much value in Pnuma camo.

However, if you live in the northern half of the US, where there are all kinds of weather over four distinct seasons, and you want one set of gear that you can wear when targeting multiple species, Pnuma camo is a great option. It was perfect for my spring turkey hunt and will work just as well for deer or elk in the fall. 

If you are a big and tall guy or don’t like the slim fit of some other performance hunting apparel, you’ll likely love the fit and additional sizes available from Pnuma.

Pnuma Outdoors
  • Caza Camo pattern is both effective at concealing your position and looks cool
  • High quality fabrics block wind, are extremely durable and are abrasion-resistant
  • Relaxed fit and tall sizes accommodate many different body shapes
  • Lifetime warranty covers more than just manufacturer defects
  • Waypoint series makes no noise when moving and very little when rubbing against trees and brush
  • Useful for multiple hunts, including deer, turkey, elk, bear, and more
  • Hard to find in stores, so it’s hard to try on before you buy
  • Water resistance is limited to light rain and snow on most products, not extended exposure to water
  • Jacket vent placement is easy to confuse with side pockets
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Use code: OUTDOOREMPIRE20 for 20% off your purchase at Pnuma Outdoors for a limited time only!

Note: This Pnuma camo gear was sent to me so that I could test it out and write this review, but this is not a sponsored post and no one paid for my favorable opinion. What is written here is what I really think. It’s the same thing I would tell my brother about Pnuma.