13 Coolers Made in the USA and 6 That Surprisingly Are Not

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Are you on the lookout for a new cooler to accompany you on your trips? If so, you might be curious about which coolers are proudly made in the USA. It’s a question that intrigues many conscious consumers who value knowing the origin of their gear. Well, get ready for an interesting dive into the world of American-made coolers.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of excellent options when it comes to coolers crafted on American soil. Whether you need a small cooler for tailgating, a spacious one for a multi-day camping trip, a convenient backpack cooler for when you’re on the move, or a sturdy companion for hunting expeditions, American companies have got you covered.

Discover the truth about coolers made in the USA! Not all popular brands, like YETI, are entirely American-made. But fear not! Look for Igloo, Pelican, Otterbox, Cordova, and more. These American-made coolers keep drinks chilled and adventures exciting.

Who Makes Coolers in the USA?

1. Igloo


Made in: Katy, Texas
Popular US-made models: IMX Collection, Trailmate, Tag Along Too
Best for: Small personal coolers (Tag Along Too), camping coolers in many different sizes (IMX collection), and large-wheeled cooler carts (Trailmate). Igloo is a well-known American brand that produces many rugged coolers for any outdoor adventure.

2. OtterBox


Made in: Fort Collins, Colorado
Popular US-made models: Trooper series
Best for: Durable soft-sided coolers (Trooper), backpack coolers, and tote coolers. Otterbox is known for its protective phone cases, but they also offer a small line of USA-made coolers. Otterbox coolers are best when you need something portable and lightweight that will stand up to most easy adventures.

3. Pelican


Made in: South Deerfield, Massachusetts
Popular US-made models: Elite series, Dayventure series
Best for: Wheeled hard-sided coolers (Elite), heavy-duty backpack coolers (Dayventure), and rugged personal coolers. Pelican offers a variety of options for the person who needs a cooler that will stand up to the elements – and to wildlife. The Elite series is registered as bear-resistant.

4. Cordova


Made in: Nampa, Idaho
Popular US-made models: Basecamp Class series, Backcountry Class series
Best for: Hard-sided coolers designed to keep things cold for days (Basecamp). Cordova Basecamp Class coolers are also bear-resistant. Cordova also offers soft-sided day pack coolers for when you need to bring your cooler on the go (Backcountry Class).

5. Orion


Made in: Sparta, Tennessee
Popular US-made models: Core series
Best for: Kayak fishing, boating, whitewater, camping, and long trips. Orion coolers are made by Jackson Kayaks, one of the most respected names in the kayak industry. Their coolers take on a similar look and feel as their kayaks. Out of 28 coolers tested, the Orion Core cooler won our very own ice retention challenge, holding ice a full two days longer than other popular rotomolded cooler brands like YETI. It has gobs of cool accessories, and it’s just a solid ice chest all around.

6. Grizzly


Made in: Decorah, Iowa
Popular US-made models: Grizzly series, Drifter series
Best for: Coolers made with hunters and anglers in mind. Grizzly’s American-made ice chests are available in any size that you could ever need. They offer some of the largest outdoor coolers on the market in 400-quart sizes. The Drifter series also offers small soft-sided coolers for lunch or cans on short trips.

7. RovR Coolers

Rovr coolers

Made in: Boulder, Colorado
Popular US-made models: RollR series
Best for: All-terrain wheeled coolers with plenty of accessories (RollR). RovR coolers come with a dry storage bin and a cutting board that can be mounted on the cooler’s side. They also sell additional storage bins that fit into the top.

8. Orca Coolers

Orca coolers

Made in: Nashville, Tennessee
Popular US-made models: 20 quart, 58 quart, 65 quart wheeled, 140 quart
Best for: Hard-sided rotomolded coolers in a variety of sizes. Orca offers USA-made coolers from 20 quarts up to 140-quart sizes and several sizes in between for any need. They also have one wheeled model in a 65-quart size.

9. Bison Coolers

Bison coolers

Made in: Fort Worth, Texas
Popular US-made models: Gen 2 series, XD series
Best for: Heavy-duty coolers for tailgating, hunting, or fishing. The Gen 2 series features roto-molded coolers with multiple drains and up to 7-day ice retention. Bison also makes soft-sided coolers in 12 or 24-can sizes.

10. Kong


Made in: South Bend, Indiana
Popular US-made models: 20 quarts, 50 quarts, 110 quarts, Kong Cruiser
Best for: Rotomolded coolers in a range of standard sizes, built with extra insulation and sealing to keep ice cold for ten days. Kong also offers a wheeled cooler (Kong Cruiser) in its 50-quart size, a versatile option for camping, tailgating, or other adventures.

11. Magellan


Made in: Katy, Texas
Popular US-made models: 40-Can Rolling Cooler, Explore Icebox, 30 qt Insulated Bait/Dry Box
Best for: Versatile hard or soft-sided coolers for fishing or camping trips. Magellan is a Texas outdoor retailer Academy Sports + Outdoors brand. Magellan also makes insulated bait/dry boxes for fishing trips (30 qt Insulated Bait/Dry Box). Magellan’s line of cooler backpacks and totes are leak-proof and easy to take on the go; some even convert into rolling coolers (40-Can Rolling Cooler).

12. Lifetime


Made in: Clearfield, Utah
Popular US-made models: 28 quarts, 48 quarts, and 65 quart High-Performance Coolers
Best for: Various uses, such as camping, tailgating, and fishing. Lifetime coolers come in most common sizes up to 115 quarts. They are built to keep ice cold for up to 5 days and are certified to be bear-resistant.

13. Rubbermaid


Made in: Atlanta, Georgia
Popular US-made models: Modern Red Victory Ice Chest, Rubbermaid Water Coolers
Best for: Tailgating or car camping. Rubbermaid is a very affordable option for all-around coolers, available in stores like Walmart or Home Depot. These are a good choice if you don’t need something rugged but want to keep ice or water cold on a budget.

Popular Coolers Made Overseas

Some of the most popular brands, such as YETI, are at least somewhat outsourced to other countries. Some models may be made in America, while some may be made overseas. It’s best to check specifically for the model you want to purchase. But even then, you don’t always know for sure.

Even though they aren’t fully made in the United States, these brands are still known for high-quality coolers.



Made in: Philippines, Iowa, and Wisconsin (select models)
Popular models: Tundra, Hopper, Roadie
Best for: Camping, hunting, fishing, tailgating – when you need something rugged to keep ice cold for days. YETI coolers are extremely popular because of their durability, thick walls, and various designs. They offer traditional coolers (Tundra), wheeled coolers (Roadie), and soft-sided coolers (Hopper).

2. Cabela’s


Made in: China (some models), USA (Polar Cap)
Popular models: Polar Cap
Best for: Lightweight but heavy-duty cooler needs. Cabela’s says their Polar Cap series is made in the USA. These hard-sided coolers are designed to be easy to carry, with glow-in-the-dark handles and insulation without excessive weight. The series also claims to keep ice cold for up to 12 days.

3. Coleman


Made in: China (some models), Wichita, KS (some models)
Popular models: Xtreme series, 316 series, Pro series
Best for: All-around trips or outdoor adventures. Coleman is an affordable option for coolers that will fit most needs. The 316 series is an excellent all-around cooler available in many sizes. Coleman also offers the Pro series hard-sided coolers for something a little more rugged.



Made in: China
Popular models: Ultra-Light Cooler, Hard Coolers
Best for: Lightweight, portable cooler needs. The Ultra-light line of hard-sided coolers weighs 30% less than competing rotomolded coolers and comes in sizes up to 52 quarts. They also include a wheeled ultralight option.

5. Engel


Made in: Thailand
Popular models: 25 quarts to 320 quart High Performance Cooler
Best for: Hard-sided rotomolded coolers made for any adventure. Engel coolers have an air-tight silicone seal, and Heavy-duty soft-sided coolers made with waterproof ripstop material, built to withstand harsher conditions than most soft-sided coolers.

6. Canyon


Made in: China, using American-made materials
Popular models: Outfitter, PRO, Nomad
Best for: Tailgating, camping, fishing. Canyon is based in Flagstaff, Arizona but assembles its coolers overseas. The Nomad series of soft-sided coolers claim to keep ice cold longer than hard-sided coolers, weighing only 5 pounds. The hard-sided Outfitter and PRO coolers are mostly smaller but durable and convenient.

Why Buy an American-Made Cooler?

Buying USA-made coolers will reduce your carbon footprint. When you purchase anything made overseas, transporting that item to you creates emissions. You can cut back on that by reducing the distance the products you buy need to travel to get into your hands.

American-made coolers will also guarantee, for the most part, that workers making the items will be employed in safe working conditions. Additionally, it will be easier to track where your cooler comes from, and you can buy more confidently.

The quality of American-made coolers may be better than coolers made overseas. Purchasing a cooler made in America will help ensure you’re buying a quality cooler that will keep ice cold for a while.

Finally, you will support the US economy by purchasing a cooler made in the USA. This ensures your money goes to American businesses and people. You might pay more for an American-made cooler, but that money stays local.

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