27 Best Gifts for Hunters Under $50 (And Under $25)

Wild turkey in field cheap hunting gift guide

Ah, the gift-buying season. The time when everybody hunts for the perfect presents for their loved ones.

Every hunter has at least one piece of gear they’d like to get for themselves. But it can all be so expensive and many families are crunched for money right now.

How do you make your hunting friend happy without burning up your wallet?

Here’s a secret:

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to give a wonderful gift. It just needs to be meaningful to the recipient, a marker of your relationship to them, or something they’ve been dreaming about.

Still need some ideas? Check out the list of inexpensive gifts for hunters below!

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In a hurry? Here are our favorite gifts from this guide:

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Warmest Pick
Best Budget
Why We Like It:
Whether you collect knives or only have one, this Filson pocket knife is built to last and strong enough for big tasks!
Why We Like It:
This True Timber hoodie works well for cold hunting conditions and is great for casual wear!
Why We Like It:
This budget gift is also very practical and can also help warm up a tent!
Top Pick
Why We Like It:
Whether you collect knives or only have one, this Filson pocket knife is built to last and strong enough for big tasks!
Warmest Pick
Why We Like It:
This True Timber hoodie works well for cold hunting conditions and is great for casual wear!
Best Budget
Why We Like It:
This budget gift is also very practical and can also help warm up a tent!

How to Choose a Cheap Gift for a Hunter without Being Cheap

It takes a little thought to come up with the perfect gift. But that thought can turn even a $10 gift into one that’s worth more to the recipient than a $100 present.

The best way to come up with a gift is to listen to your friend and note down particular pieces of gear they talk about needing.

If they are one of those hunters who already has everything they might want then you can tap into their hobby and connect it with another passion of theirs.

A gift doesn’t have to be practical to be memorable!

It’s a good idea to avoid giving a gift that makes them feel as if you know better than they do, though.

For this reason, sometimes a gift that makes them laugh is better than a practical gift.

The 27 Best Inexpensive Gifts for Hunters

The Best Hunting Gifts Under $50

You don’t have to have a massive budget to make your friend feel appreciated.

Check out these affordable gifts for hunters under $50!

Camo Strata Ripstop Pants

Hunting can involve trekking through some pretty gnarly underbrush. Thorns tear at pants and jagged rocks slice open weak trousers. The Strata ripstop pants by TrueTimber Camo are excellent at resisting whatever sharp objects nature may throw at your hunting friend. They do this while being lightweight and quiet, so they will not cause extra fatigue nor will they spook prey animals.

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5.11 Tactical Headlamp

A good light is a necessity when hunting. Even if one plans to return home by dark, it's possible for a deer to bolt after getting shot and leaving a blood trail that must be followed. And if your friend camps overnight they will definitely need some good light. 5.11 Tactical has a great solution in the form of their EDC headlamp. It's small, durable, and easy to wear. But it lights up more than enough for taking care of business after dark!

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Polar Fleece Hoodie

Many hunting seasons take place during the colder times of year. But it can be surprisingly warm during hunting season. Also, the physical activity required to hike to a prime hunting spot can cause a hunter to wish they'd worn clothes that are a bit warm, not too warm. TrueTimber Camo's Polar Fleece Hoodie is perfect for this. It works well as a warm but not too warm outer layer and still fits under those heavy coats when the season gets cold. And TrueTimber's camoflage pattern is a good one, with the logo not being obnoxiously colored. It's a good hoodie for casual wear, too!

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YETI Rambler 30 oz Travel Mug

A hot drink lifts the spirits on those dark, cold days. But it can be hard to find a hot drink when you have to drive an hour to your hunting spot then hike through waist-high snow. Well, not that hard with the Yeti Rambler travel mug. This beverage holder fits nearly every truck's cup holders and still holds 30 ounces of liquid. Plus, it'll keep coffee warm until your friend reaches their destination!

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Nomadix National Park Towel

Most hunters tend to be avid outdoorsfolk. Celebrate nature with them by gifting a towel designed to look like their favorite national park! Every hoopy frood knows that a towel is the most indispensable tool anybody can own. I've used mine as a pillow, blanket, seat cushion, shawl, and, of course, to dry off wet surfaces. How will your friend use theirs?

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12 Gauge Shotshell Thermo Bottle

Stansport also makes great thermoses. If you have a friend who hunts with a shotgun, they will appreciate one that looks like a 12 gauge shell! However, this is no mere novelty item. It's just as durable and retains heat just as warm as any other Stansport thermos.

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Primos Trigger Stick

It's happened to almost every hunter. They've almost hiked all the way to their stand or hunting blind when there it is. The perfect deer. But you're standing in an open area with no support surfaces around! A Trigger Stick monopod by Primos is the perfect solution to this problem. They can be used anywhere to give your friend's rifle some support, ensuring an accurate shot under any circumstance.

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Bronze Finish Deer Statue

If your hunting friend has everything, do they truly have everything? Perhaps they need a bit more decor for their home or hunting lodge. This deer statue is large enough to draw the eye but small enough to sit on a table so it can fit almost any decor.

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Touch Screen Competition Shooting Gloves

Every shooter should have a good pair of shooting gloves, whether they're a hunter or target shooter. Some guns can become slippery when wet. Others heat up quick. And even under dry conditions, a good grip is always appreciated. 5.11 Tactical's Competition Shooting Gloves hit a good point between price and durability. Plus I find they fit better than many other shooting gloves.

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Home Deer Decorative Pillow

Okay, so maybe a statue isn't for everyone. But even the most jaded hunter likes softness and comfort. These pillows are a great piece to finish off a hunter's space and make their hunting lodge just that much more comfortable.

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The Best Hunting Gifts Under $25

These gifts for hunters under $25 are still a great option.

Some of them are more practical than some of the gift suggestions above!

Leupold Logo Hoodie

Leupold is one of my favorite hunting optic manufacturers. I know I'm not the only hunter to share this opinion. Why not share the love of this great, classic brand by gifting your hunting partner a Leupold hoodie? It'll keep them warm in comfort and class.

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Smartwool Hunt Classic Camo Socks

When it comes to hunting, wool socks are the best. Full stop. Cotton socks lose their insulating and cushioning properties when wet. Polyester holds onto odors. But a good sock, made from a good wool, keeps cold feet warm, hot feet cool, and cushions all day long. Plus they resist stinky bacteria! Smartwool's Hunt Classic Edition Camo Socks are crew-height socks with just the right amount of weight for most hunting seasons.

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5,000mAh Rechargeable Power Bank

There ain't much electricity available to hunters in the woods. Many of them are used to this but ever more pieces of gear are rechargeable. Hunters nowadays use rechargeable flashlights, rangefinders, and even hunting scopes. Plus there's the good ol' smartphone. Help your friend keep those electronics alive with this external power bank by Omega Sights.

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Zippo 12-Hour Hand Warmer

Hand warmers can become a necessary item for even the toughest hunter when the temperature drops too far. But those handwarmer packets produce plastic waste. Leave No Trace is compatible with conservative-minded hunting. Throwing away trash everywhere is not. Zippo's 12-hour hand warmer will keep your friend's hands warm with no waste. It can help warm up a tent, too. This is a catalytic heater, so it does need oxygen flow. But it'll stay lit and warm even in temperatures below zero!

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Sport Glasses with Interchangeable Lens

Eye protection is vial when shooting, even if your friend is taking a single shot while hunting. This pair of glasses by Walker's comes with multiple lenses so your friend can select the right shade for the right conditions. Gray is great for those super sunny days. Yellow is used by many hunters to improve their ability to spot deer. And the clear lenses are great for when the light starts to drop. And all of the lenses will protect your friend's eyes in case anything goes awry!

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Waterproof Ammo Can

Every shooter loves ammo cans. They are a space-efficient way to store large amounts of ammunition while protecting them from the environment. .50 caliber ammo cans are the most popular size. Your friend will be able to fit boxes and boxes of hunting ammo in a single can! Plus, these ammo cans provide a safe and secure storage solution your friend can just toss in the back of a pickup truck. The metal boxes won't crack or shatter and who cares if they get dinged up?

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Mini Water Filtration System

One of the larger challenges when in the field is to stay hydrated. This is true during simple hikes and becomes a serious point if anything starts to go wrong. The Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System doesn't take up a lot of space in one's hunting kit. It will, however, provide large amounts of safe drinking water. I like to use a similar system just casually out in the woods. There's something special about drinking wild water, though only after sanitizing it!

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Deer Head Gun Display Mount

It's tradition for deer hunters to display their rifle or shotgun above the mantle. Help your hunter friend show off their firearm in style with these Dear Head gun display mounts. They look classy and fit in hunting lodges as well as they fit in living rooms.

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Deer Antler Hat Clip

A little bit of flair goes a long way in developing a personal style. Give your friend a deer antler hat clip and they'll have a subtle yet stylish accessory. It looks great on baseball caps and cowboy hats, though it can also be worn on jackets similar to a lapel pin.

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Camo Gift Bag

How should you give your hunter friend their gift? Why, in a camouflage gift bag, of course!

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Big Ass Brick of Soap Bar
$29.99 ($1.00 / Ounce)

Tell your friend they stink with this Fresh Cut Pine Soap Bar by Duke Cannon. Or just tell them that this will help cover up their human odor with a natural pine scent so deer won't get spooked away. Either way, this soap bar is three times as large as most, so it'll last your friend a long time. And the pine scent will remind them of their hunting adventures even if they are stuck in the concrete jungle.

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I'd Rather Be Hunting Socks

I don't know any hunter who doesn't daydream about hunting the rest of the year. These socks are perfect for showing off your friend's true thoughts. Would they like to be chilling at home binge watching a TV series for the third time? Nah. They'd rather be hunting!

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While these are cheap gifts for hunters, they will still bring a smile to your friend’s face.

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